[Release] JOEYSUKI - Air DJ (Original Mix)

[Release] JOEYSUKI – Air DJ (Original Mix)

JoeySuki has really taken me by surprise by his newest release “Air DJ”. Not only is this track taking a stab at all of those so called DJ’s that are supposedly mixing, but in fact just playing a premixed set and pushing around knobs the sound this guy creates in this track is massive. The...
[Release] Hardwell & Joey Suki - Munster (Original Mix)

[Release] Hardwell & Joey Suki – Munster (Original Mix)

As premiered in Hardwell‘s live broadcast of his Electric Zoo liveset back in September, yesterday he finally presented to us his latest dark and stomping monster track “Munster“. Teaming up with fellow Revealed artist JoeySuki, the duo created a track which will energize every dance floor, building with a heavy bass line with a synthy lead that comes in with a...
[Preview] Hardwell & JoeySuki- Munster

[Preview] Hardwell & JoeySuki- Munster

And the Munster was born! This official studio teaser shows Hardwell and JoeySuki working on their upcoming release “Munster.” Being released on November 21st on Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings, “Munster” is an ominously powerful track.  Hardwell’s description of “Munster” depicts the track perfectly.  He said, “Building with a heavy bassline and bulky beats all packed into a dark...