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[Free Download] RL Grime vs Big Sean - Oh Gawd (3LAU Mashtrap)

[Free Download] RL Grime vs Big Sean – Oh Gawd (3LAU Mashtrap)

3LAU is at again and this time he has decided to put his talents to use and make one amazing mashup bringing in RL Grimes freshly released Trap remix of Benny Benassi’s famous track “Satisfaction” and the collaboration track “Clique” which features Kanye, Big Sean and Jay Z. All I can say is that Justin...

Dirty Talk

Woahh…was just in Malta for the weekend and after being in Ibiza two weekends ago for closing parties I can honestly say this hidden gem of an island is a close second. If you love house music and beaches definitely visit. Just when you thought you were sick of this song, another good remix comes...

Alors on Danse Kanyeee

What’s with all these Rap Artists getting into the electro house scene. Not sure how I feel about it. However, this new remix of Alors on Danse with Kanye West is great A good electrofied version by DJ Kue of Power Share on Facebook