[Free Download]  Savoy – I’m In Need (Original Mix)

[Free Download] Savoy – I’m In Need (Original Mix)

With their upcoming first full length album Self Predator and the return of their Get Lazer’d Tour 3 man dj/producer group Savoy has been hard at work with serious studio time. They just released the first single off of their album titled “I’m In Need” which features their signature electro house meet dubstep sound that...
[Free Download] Krewella - Come & Get it (SAVOY Remix)

[Free Download] Krewella – Come & Get it (SAVOY Remix)

Taking up the task of remixing Krewella’s anthem “Come & Get It” Savoy came in and did some surgery to it. No but really SAVOY went in on this track giving it a heavy dosage of TRAP but strayed away from making it an annoying track as many trap tracks can feel at times they...
[Release] SAVOY & Bright Lights - I Dare You (Original Mix)

[Release] SAVOY & Bright Lights – I Dare You (Original Mix)

The new collab from Savoy and Bright Lights is freaking out of this world good. “I Dare You” features that signature sharp sounding electro with their always-amazing implementation of synths that have so much depth that can alone create their own track. This track is great meld of both electro and progressive definitely keep your...
[Release] Savoy – Personal Legend EP

[Release] Savoy – Personal Legend EP

Just released yesterday is Savoy’s highly talked about EP Personal Legend. After releasing privately to a few individuals many fans saw the high acclaim that Savoy got on this EP. Personal Legends is an EP that is on the same level or one might even argue  better than their Supertail EP which took their fans...
[Free Download] Savoy - SUPERTRAIL EP

[Free Download] Savoy – SUPERTRAIL EP

Savoy is having a really successful 2012 with tracks like “DIY” and “We Are The Sun” that got massive amounts of support from artists across the EDM scene. Now Savoy has released his much anticipated EP SUPERTRAIL. This EP is a pretty interesting musical journey because it is not just focused on one genre but...
California Dreamin' - SAVOY

California Dreamin’ – SAVOY

People have been asking about this remix from SAVOY for a while, especially after their awesome performance at DAYGLOW BLU in Charleston, SC. They finally released it, after popular demand- Electro House + “California Dreamin”, you get the idea. Preview: California Dreamin (Savoy Remix) Download: Share on Facebook
Hella Good (SAVOY Remix)

Hella Good (SAVOY Remix)

Been sitting on this one for a while- thanks to Missy Weil for reminding me about it. Released for free back in July on SAVOY’s EP “Nothin for Nothin”- this is definitely my favorite track off of it. Has an extremely catchy electro build up Preview: Hella Good (SAVOY Remix) Download: Preview Share on Facebook