3LAU is one interesting fellow and last week we were really lucky to catch an interview with John to talk about his passion for music and how he has really blown up in just only two years dominating college campuses and festivals every where he goes. 3LAU who was just in Chicago at The Bottom Lounge this past Friday on his 3LAU Your Mind Tour tore down that place and put their wickedly good sound system to great use with his signature tracks and mashups.

1.What’s your name and where are you originally from?

Justin Blau (hence 3LAU) and I grew up in New York, but moved to Las Vegas when I was 13.

2.When did you first discover your passion for electronic music?

Not too long ago actually, just about two years, after making a trip to Sweden with my best friend Johan. It was around the time Bromance first came out, and the club/dance music culture there was mind blowing to me. That’s when I decided I wanted to try my hand at it!

3.When did you realize that playing and making music was your calling?

My entire life I’ve been a musician, from piano to guitar to drums to vocals, but I never would have guessed that I would have wound up in dance music. My goal growing up was to make enough money young, so that when I was settled I could focus on my music; no one’s a fan of delayed gratification though, and I’m certainly glad I could start sooner.

4.Who are some of your biggest musical influences?

In dance music I would have to point to Kaskade and any of the Swedes. Dance music has the capacity to be both epically musical and powerful

5.What gave you the idea/inspiration for teaming up with Pencils of Promise?

I’ve been involved in philanthropy all of my life and I felt that Pencils of Promise not only represented transparency and genuine passion for global change, but after initial conversations with their team, we were both so eager to work together that the partnership made a lot of sense. I plan on continuing that partnership for the rest of my career, kicking back funds to PoP wherever and whenever we can!

6.What is your production process like? Do you start off with an idea or do you just mess around with beats and noises till you find something you like?

It’s always the melody at the piano. Key song starter.

7.When can we expect an EP or Album?

I’m a ways away from a full length album, but definitely expect a few singles / EP in early 2013!

8.Do you prefer playing clubs or festival?

I definitely prefer festivals, the crowds are usually infinitely more into the music, as opposed to being into the alcohol / each other.

9.What has been the most mesmerizing moment of your careers so far?

Hard to say because there have been so many, and they have all been different

10.What your favorite track right now? Original or Remixed.

I can’t get Dubvision’s remix of “committed to sparkle motion” out of my had, regardless of the terrible name / Donnie Darko reference, it’s absolutely beautiful and extremely well produced.

11.How do you like life on tour?

It has been extremely difficult to adjust to… I love the shows, but dread the travel without sleep. I’ve been training myself to learn how to sleep on command!

12.What’s been the craziest thing you have seen on the 3LAU Your Mind Tour?

Funny cause I’m answering these questions in Columbus, Ohio, same city this happened. 4-5 months ago this extremely large young kid managed to hop the barricade, get up on stage, and attempt at crowd surfing. Instead he knocked out this 18 year old girl who was taken out on a stretcher… Really hope that doesn’t happen again. Oh and lots of boobs, that’s fun though.

13.Charlie the Unicorn or Charlie Bit Me?

Charlie Bit Me

14.Vodka or Whiskey?

Both, mixed

15. Finally any words for those inspiring producers out there?

Work really f***ing hard… If you love it, and you’ve got what it takes, the only variable left is puttin in the 110%.

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I want to send out a special thanks to John for taking the time to do this interview on such  short notice. I also want to send  a big thanks out to Magnum PR for making the interview a possibility.