Just yesterday Whomping Stereo was able to get an exclusive interview with two of Sweden’s rising stars CAZZETTE who in a little over a year have made a solid name for themselves in the electronic music world. For those of you unfamiliar with this duo they are the second success to come out of At Night Management discovered by Ash Pournouri who is also Avicii’s manager. They have been releasing amazing bootleg’s like Kanye’s “Ni**as in Paris” and Swedish House Mafia’s “Save The World” . Most recently they have released the music video for their newest track “Beam Me Up” which is off of their upcoming EP.

What are your names and where you guys from?
Sebastian Furrer, from Varberg, Sweden and Alexander Björklund from Borås, Sweden!

When did you guys first meet?
We started talking with each other online, since both produced the same kind of music back then. We didn’t meet face to face until we started talking to Ash, and that was 5-6 months after we started to make music together.

What are some your biggest musical influences?
Daft Punk, Skrillex, Justice, Coldplay, Swedish house mafia. We have so many but these are our biggest inspirational sources!

When did you guys know that you guys wanted to produce/dj?
We both got into producing when we were around 14-15 years old. After that we started to DJ in order to be able to showcase our tracks to a live crowd!

When and how did you guys first meet Ash Pournouri from At Night Management?
Sebastian sent him an email one night, showing our tracks and told him that we wanted a manager to get things going! A couple of days after that he replied and really liked our stuff! The rest is history really…

How is it touring with Avicii?
Amazing! Such a good guy and huge inspiration for us in every way! We are so fortunate and happy to been able to tour with him.

What is your production process like? Do you start off with an idea or do you guys just mess around with beats and noises till you find something you like?
It’s different from time to time. We don’t have any rules when we start on a track! Sometimes we just tweak a random sound and then work around that, or another time we make a melody and start to build things after we got the melody.

When can we expect an EP or Album from you guys?
We are releasing the part 1 of our album “Eject” the 13thof November! The album is going to be in 3 parts and is coming out between November and January.

Do you guys prefer playing clubs or festival?
Both! I think the favorite kinds of venues are theaterswith around 2500 people!

What has been the most mesmerizing moment of your careers so far?
EDC Las Vegas was one of our best moments. The atmosphere was so sick, we still can’t believe that we played there!

What your favorite track right now? Original or Remixed.
It’s so hard to just name one track since there are lots of good release out there right now but “Aston Shuffle Vs. Tommy Trash – Sunrise (Won’t Get Lost) Tommy Trash Version” is really good!

Craziest thing you guys have ever seen on tour?
Ouuh! Tough one but a top 5 was when we saw a couple having sex in the crowd – only in Canada people!

New York or Los Angeles?
We love both places so much!

Finally any words for those inspiring producers out there?
Keep working and always criticize your work or have someone who gives you feedback in order to develop your skills and talent!

I would like to let you guys know that they are about to go on a US tour which starts tomorrow night in New York at Finale. For those of you in Chicago they will be playing at The MID this Saturday RSVP Below

RSVP: CAZZETE at The MID Free before 11:30

I want to send a big thanks to Sebastian & Alex for taking time out of their busy schedules to do this interview.