Walden the young Australian that has been causing waves around the progressive and electro world has been having a great 2012. His two most recent release’s “Warmonger” and “Ciaco” have been getting massive praise from artists like Arty, Hardwell and Pete Tong just to name a few. About two weeks ago Whomping Stereo was able to catch up with Walden to talk about his music and his career and where he sees himself in the near future.

So what’s your name and where are you from?

John Walden I’m from Australia I was born in Sydney.

What are some of your musical influences?

It changes first I was into o jazz then experimental then happy hardcore then trance When I first got into house my first real influence was Fedde le Grande’s “Put Your Hands Up”. Now its hard to say I listen to all kinds of music I’m inspired by load of things Axwell and all the Swedes some of the classical music I listen to on the internet. Most recently a few days back my manger was showing me the music from the Warriors Movie it was really cool I like soundtracks especially that one.

When did you know that you wanted to produce/dj?

Probably when I was 14 right after I started producing turned into something I would do whenever I got that time, which turned out to be all the time when I wasn’t in school.

What is your production process like? Do you start off with a basic idea or do you just mess around with beats and noises toll you find something you like?

Sometimes it depends. Generally I start off with chord progressions when I want to get the concept down first. Samples come towards the end. Sometimes I like to mess around with sounds and noises and see where I can go with it. That’s how my electro starts out. It evolves.

What’s your setup looking like right now? And what’s your favorite plug-in?

Right now I have setup in the house I have my Toshiba laptop two KIK RKT speakers that’s pretty much it. We have a piano at home I can play on it and figure out a melody. I’m currently working in FL studio I have tried Logic and Ableton but FL is better, quick and efficient.

How does it feel to be so young and already signed to a label?

It s pretty crazy . I always hoped I would be signed to label like this I never expected it to happen yet alone so fast.

How did you relationship with Big Beat Records begin?

Well 2 to 3 years ago I put a page up on Reverb Nation just to show my friends and build a fan base then an intern from Atlantic contacted me. He told me he had a real interest in my music. Over time we talked and finally he arranged a meeting with his boss and from there on out I was signed.

Where did you inspiration for your newest release “Ciaco”?

There are a few inspirations as alot of people pointed out in the comments inspiration from Arty to Porter Robinson and from previous tracks that I have done and other pieces. It’s an emotional progressive track.

Purchase: Walden – Ciaco on Beatport

When can we expect an EP or Album from you?

In terms of an album I have no idea. An album is daunting thing to do you need to have the brand and the name. An EP is more likely to happen and its due out later next year not sure when that’s all going to happen. All depends on the next few releases right now we are focused on single releases. More content is on its way though.

Are you stoked to be playing on Arty’s “Together We Are” show on Sirius XM this Saturday?

Yeah I’m really excited to have my guest mix on their all happened through big beat then we talked about me doing a guest mix it’s a great opportunity.

You ready for your US tour in the next two months?

Definitely so excited for it. Never expected to be playing alongside the people I’m going to be playing with my on my first tour. I’ll also be meeting my tour manager for the first time.

Where do you plan to be around this time next year?

Hopefully putting out more content an tracks on of my many goals is to get more creative Djing more mashups and more live performances. More on the spot playing around with tracks live. Where I want to be next time next year I want a larger fan base and more followers it all depends on the next few months though.

Any final words for those aspiring Dj’s/Producers out there?

Work hard and make sure that you just enjoy it. Don’t worry about anything and just have confidence.

I want to thank John for taking time out his schedule to take some time and do this interview with us. And I also want to send a big thanks to Big Beat Records for making this interview possible.