proxy pt duece

Proxy has been at work in Russia putting together his second installment of Music From The Eastblock. All I can tell you guys is that he has been working on this for a good amount of time and the tracks it features are pure Electro madness. For those of you that are unfamiliar with Proxy you definitely need to check out Pt.1 because it will give you your first taste of what an extremely talented producer can create and he dishes out some really crazy beats just look at “Raven” its electro at it’s finest. Pt 2 is going to feature all new work from Proxy some tracks to look out for in my opinion are “Cobra Combo” which is an extremely bubbly electro track, “Kamuyi” which features some serious synths that are really dark with some really bassy and throbby beats that just give me the chills, and lastly just because I don’t want to give to much away “9000” is the track that caught my attention his mixing of sound is so dialed in he can mix music from different worlds and just make it work.

Proxy’s Pt2. is going to be released on Dim Mak Records on February 11th and will be available for purchase on Beatport and if your yet to get your hands on Pt 1 you can purchase it below.


Purchase: Proxy – Music From The Eastblock Pt 1 on Beatport


In the mean time enjoy these 3 remixes from South Central, Bobby Champs, and Sound oF Stereo.