moombahton forever

Moombahton has become a little less heard of in a lot of the scenes and that can partially be attributed to the rise of Trap, but I feel that it going to be coming back stronger than ever. Valentino Kahn is a producer from LA who has his hands in all types of genres and has made some really damn good tracks be they Big Room, Dutch House, Dubstep you name it his tracks are dialed in. He teamed up ETC!ETC! who is a really bass driven producer and has made countless bangers, so their newest collaboration is titled “Eat It” and all I’m going to say about this track is shits is fucking wild!!!

This track will be released with new stuff from Bro Safari, Nadastrom, Torro Torro, Gent x Jawns, GTA, Jay Fay, Craze, Tittsworth, Sazon Booya, Nick Thayer, Sabo, UFO! and more! on January 17th and its titled Moombahton Forever Compilation and will be released via T&A Records.