Azari & III  first formed back in 2008 this Canadian four man team brings back the old Chicago house style back to life. Consisting of Dinamo Azari and Alexinder III on the production side and Starving Yet Full and Fritz Helder on the vocals these guys have quite built themselves quite a reputation so far for those that are truly in to house music. Azari & III gained lots of recognition was in 2009 with their release “Hungry For Power” Then some time passed they had some more releases until 2011 rolled around and they dished out “Manic” which pretty much blew me away. That single had such awesome vibe to it reminding of the days when house dominated the scene.

Now lets jump to 2012 when they decided to put out their first self titled album “Azari & III”. This album which was released on Octobter 30th  on Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak Records is solid gold filled with so many groove filled tracks reminiscent of the original 90’s  Chicago house sound. Not only have the singles released prior to the album been amazing but the whole album takes you on a journey that for some may lead them to finding a whole new love for house music and the amazing vocals from these guys.

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After seeing them perform live on Halloween at the Sonar Tours Chicago stop and hearing their tracks both new and old live I was sold that these guys are going to be a huge driving force in the house scene. Not only was their music awesome but they sure knew how to get the crowd riled up. Definitely check out their new album and be sure to try an catch them while they are on the Sonar Tour.