blue foundation remix

Im just going to put it out there I’m not a huge fan of Deep House but this new remix of Blue Foundation’s “Describe” by Brain Suarez also known as Allies For Everyone made one really interesting and extremely well produced piece. He takes the original track and puts it though a really ambient and eerie remix process that creates the first deep house track that I truly like and no can deny that it’s a really chilled out and soothing track. The track is out now on Dead People’s Choice Records and can be purchased via ITunes.

Purchase: Blue Foundation – Describe (Allies for Everyone Remix) on ITunes

If you really dig his music I would definitely tell you to check out his Scavenger EP because it is another really good piece of work which features severally well thought out and produced  tracks. He released a video for his track “Scavenger” last month and you can chek it out below.