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It’s finally here for all of  you Cazzette fans out there Eject Pt 3 was finally released yesterday via Spotify to mark the Swedish duos final release in their 3 part album. This album might be one of the most important pieces of this duo’s career so because it not only featured so much great new material from it also put them on the map with those unfamiliar with them thanks to their track “Beam Me Up” which got an insane amount of TV and Radio play. The new release features 5 more tracks but in opinion the best part of this release besides the fact that the whole thing is flawless is their new track “Renegade” with Eva Simons her voice matched with their great production skills makes one amazing track. As I said early this release is only available through Spotify so check it out below and listen to their infectious sounds.


Listen: Cazzette- Eject Pt. III on Spotify



Downfall (Original Mix)
The Coming (Instrumental Mix)
Beam Me Up (Kill Mode) (Instrumental Mix)
Renegade Ft. Eva Simons (Original Mix)
Blood Theme (Bonus Track) (Original Mix)

1/23/13 Dunkirks Bloomington, IN
1/26/13 Ruby Skye San Francisco, CA
1/28/13 XS Las Vegas, NV
2/1/13 Foro Garza Sada Monterrey, MX
2/2/13 Auditorio BlackBerry Mexico City, MX
2/8/13 Avalon Hollywood Los Angeles, CA