Now this is something that will surely get any dubsteppers attention. Destroid is a project that has been in the works since 2009 and at first it was started off by Excision and Downlink. Excision is a unanimous name in the dubstep world with so many successful releases and collaborations with the likes of Datsik, DZ, Skism and countelss others. And who can forget his X Tour which packed so much bass and had a crazy new light setup which left me in awe. Downlink is another name that many associate with dubstep with massive tracks like “Crowd Control” and “ Heavy Artillery” with both doing extremely well on Beatport. Then came KJ Sawka the legendary drummer from Pendulum who had so much success in the Drum & Bass and Dubstep scenes and since Destroid needed a drummer to complete the trio they decided that KJ would be the perfect fit. Excision featured 6 of the trios tracks on his Shambala 2012 DJ Mix.

Tracklist Here

What Destroid wants to bring to the dubstep scene is something really uniqe that I think will work perfectly. Right now Electronic Music and Dubstep in particular for this case needs something that will change the game up and with the live performance aspect I believe that Destroid will definitely be able to achieve that. They will be bringing midi-controlled guitars which were custom made just for Excision and Downlink and KJ will be causing havoc on the Drums leaving us speechless by his speed and power.

They have just released their newest single “Crusaders” off their upcoming day view album which is due out early next year. “Crusaders” in my opinion brings some old retro style beats and clashing them with some heavy bass and some serious drum action which we should all expect to be hearing from this trio.

Right now they are giving away their other release titled “ Raise Your Fist” which is another heavy hitting out of this world dubstep track which also features Space Laces the dubstep phenom from Kentucky.

Download: Destroid – Raise Your Fist (Original Mix) for Free