blast off destroid9

The newest release from Destroid is “Blast Off” and this track is simply insane. The track is the newest collaboration between Excision and Ajapai, Ajapai for those of you unfamiliar with him is on Rottun Records and hails from Japan and has made several major releases with tracks like “Golden Ring of Fire” and “Crush”. “Blast Off” was released 2 days ago on the Destroid Music label and can be purchased on Beatport. I can only expect big things to come from Destroid because each of their tracks are just so well put together and pack so much bass and filth.

Purchase: Excision & Ajapai – Destroid 9. Blast Off on Beatport

For you dubsteppers that are just hearing about Destroid it’s the newest super dubstep group KJ Sawka, Excsion, and Downlink expect their first album to out ifn the next few months. In the mean time checkout another release of their’s titled “Wasteland” which features Spaces Laces.