blow the roof release

Flux Pavilion’s new EP “Blow The Roof” is something that a ton of people have been anticipating to hear for along time now especially because he has been not only giving away tracks like. He has had a really incredible past couple of years from making some of dubstep’s biggest tracks like “I Can’t Stop” and “Bass Cannon”, to having his track “I Can’t Stop” rapped over by two of Hip-Hop and Rap’s biggest forces Kanye West & Jay-Z on their Watch The Throne Album. Not to mention he started Circle with fellow Producer/DJ Doctor P another heavyweight in regards to Dubstep and both will be having a very special set at Ultra this year where they will be taking the stage together for Flux Pavilion vs. Doctor P.

Blow The Roof is a trip in to the voids of the universe where DUBSTEP reigns supreme. Flux Pavilion blew me away from  beginning to end there is such a broad difference of sound in all of the tracks yet still maintaining the beefy dubstep basslines in most of the tracks. He also does a great job on this EP by having some really good rappers on two of his track but with each track having an entire feel to it “Do Or Die” having a more hip-hop meet dubstep feel while “Double Edge” which featured UK rappers Sway and P Money had a more eastern front feel to it which I thought was real hectic. In my opinion the real highlight of this whole 8 track EP are the tracks where he actually did vocals “The Scientist” and “Starlight” because it not only shows that he has some gnarly production skills but he has some legit vocals that I’m pretty sure most people wouldn’t pair with Flux. The EP is out now on Big Beat Records and is exclusively available for purchase on Beatport.

Purchase: Flux Pavilion – Blow The Roof EP

1. OneTwoThree (Make Your Body Wanna)
2. The Scientist
3. Double Edge (ft. Sway and P Money)
4. Blow The Roof
5. I Feel It
6. I Still Can’t Stop
7. Do or Die (ft. Childish Gambino)
8. Starlight