savoy personal legend

Just released yesterday is Savoy’s highly talked about EP Personal Legend. After releasing privately to a few individuals many fans saw the high acclaim that Savoy got on this EP. Personal Legends is an EP that is on the same level or one might even argue  better than their Supertail EP which took their fans by storm in the fall. The tracks on Personal Legend range from some hard-hitting electro driven tracks like “Bridge” to some dubstep bass banging monsters. Their collaboration with Big Gigantic “After Shock” is simply beautiful clashing all types of sounds to create a perfect track something that I rarely say about a track. Over all this EP shows the growth and exceptional quality of music being made by a super underrated producer/band.


The Bridge (Orginal Mix)
Aftershock ft. Big Gigantic (Original Mix)
Kidz (Original Mix)
Hard To Say (Original Mix)