super dope gigi bo

Gigi Barocco is back at bringing his amazing production skills to create one gnarley remix of Slop Rock & Whiskey Pete’s track “Superdope”. I don’t know what’s going on Italy but I think that some of the best electro house comes from that country from the legendary Benny Benassi to even close friends of Gigi’s Blatta & Inesha who are actually the reason why I started listening to him when they dropped his remix of their track “Where Is It?” probably to this day one of the filthiest electro tracks I have ever heard. This awesome new remix was released today on SHABANG Records and can be purchased on Beatport so get your ears on it and WHOMP!

For those of you unfamiliar with Gigi Barocco you have to check out his isanely good remix of Benny Benassi & Pink is Punk’s track “Perfect Storm” its mental.