Finally released today on Ultra Music is the much anticipated single from Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo aka The Bloody Beetroots upcoming album. The upcoming album has had singles being released as early as last year and with each release peoples hype for the album grew along with the energy that was produced by each song up until the laste single release “Chronicles Of a Fallen Love” which really showed how diverse The Bloody Beetroots musical style/talent is. The Bloody Beetroots have come such along way over the past 6 years from the first time I heard a track I knew they had a unique style with tracks like “Rambo” and the track that really made them famous “Warp 1.9″ Feat. Steve Aoki. They have also been long time vetereans on both Dim Mak and Ultra Music which are synonymous for putting out some of the best music in the Electronic music scene.

Purchase: Bloody Beetroots – Chronicles Of A Fallen Love (Original Mix) on Itunes

So for the amazing track Chronicle Of a Fallen Love Sir Bob Cornelius has decide to let us the fan show him our muical talents and has released the sheet music to this track to see who can make the best cover.

To share your musical talent and play “Chronicles Of A Fallen Love,” following these easy steps:

1. Download sheet music at <>

2. Post your version on YouTube, using full title and hashtag #COAFL