With the success of their last music video for their track “Beam Me Up” which received over 1.6 million views in less than a month the Swedish duo Cazzette has released their newest video for their freshly released track “Weapon”. Their newest release is part of their second portion of their album release with one more due out in 2013 to complete their first album “Eject”.

“Weapon” has a pretty interesting video which follows a girl on a journey but your not really sure what she’s after until the end when it’s revealed that she has lost her heart and retrieves it after beating some serious ass. The video was directed by Peter Huang. But now the track itself is driven by some beautiful vocals which I could not link to a particular singer but combined with Cazzette’s use of guitar, snares and some sick synths make one beautiful track.

Now as I said before this is the second partial release of their album Eject. I personally like the way they are releasing their albums in parts because it adds a lot more hype and excitement for each release. On the second release we are given three more tracks which is a lot less than the first but these tracks are nothing but amazing from the two vocally driven tracks “Weapon” an “Surrender” to the extremely melodic “Endorphine” which has some of the sickest synths I’ve heard in a progressive tracks lately.

Listen: Cazzette – Eject Part 2 on Spotify