Krewella Chicago’s dubstep trio who rose from Chicago’s Factory District and who in only 1 year have become a driving force in the dubstep scene have decided to release a web series which chronicles their adventures on the road. The first episode of Krewlife spans over a 3 day period they start off in San Diego’s SoCal Fest then they fly off to New York for Electric Zoo then to Miami’s Grand Central and finally returning to New York. This video shows how dedicated Jahan, Yasmine and Rainman truly are to their careers sacrificing sleep and comfort for their fans. It also shows that they live one WHOMP filled life full of Jameson and Cheetos.

In other news Krewella is going to be releasing “Play Harder” which is a remix EP and they are offering the Pegboard Nerds remix of their #1 track “Alive” to give us all a preview of the awesomeness that’s going to be on it. Play Harder will be released on December 10th and will be available to purchase on Beatport.