rebecca_fiona taken

Rebecca & Fiona have just released their first release of 2013 and this time they have teamed up with Style of Eye a fellow Swede for “Taken Over”. The first time I heard these girls was about 2 years ago on the “Bubble Gum” remix they did and I instantly was into them and this was even before I ever heard them sing. Now last year I saw them live at Club Paris here in Chicago and they had this rooftop club bouncing off the walls. Their newest track “ Taken Over” is a real chilled out progressive house track that features you’re their super melodic synths. Now in terms of Style of Eye this a whole new sound for him IMO because Im used to hearing him make some Electro House or Tech from him but of course artists sound evolve and some will play all types of genres and this is a great sound from him. This track was recently released on Ultra Records and can be purchased via iTunes.

Purchase: Rebecca & Fiona Ft. Style of Eye – Taken Over (Original Mix)