Walden has just released his newest music video for his recently released progressive house track “Intropial”. This video take us on an adventure into a land Walden  created and it’s a pretty interesting future where Walden Corporation runs things and messes with people minds. It’s similar to Daft Punks videos that they released for their second album in the sense of the blue people but much more different in the sense that the theme is entirely different and the music obviously is much more different as he is creating some really beautiful progressive house. The track “Intropial” is his most recent release for 2013 on Big Beat Records and he also has his first EP “Machine Land” coming on  March 11th which is definitely going to help further make Walden a name that all progressive house fans will now means business this year. For an artist that has come up in the scene somewhat quickly he has been making some really solid music that has been getting massive amounts of praise all over the place and is the reason why he is going to be gracing the stage at Ultra 2013.

Purchase: Walden – Intropial (Original Mix) on iTunes